Why Chiropractic Care is Critical for Children

Why Chiropractic Care is Critical for Children in Elmhurst

Why Chiropractic Care is Critical for Children

Throughout childhood, we learn, grow, and develop both mentally and physically. Making sure that children are healthy as they grow sets them up for the rest of their lives - and chiropractic can help with that!

Did you know that children are born with 300 bones while adults only have 206? This is because the bones in children either haven’t fused together or haven’t ossified yet (turned from cartilage to bone.)

As children learn to walk, climb trees, and run around on the playground, bumps and falls are bound to happen. While these falls may not injure your child, they can lead to misalignments of the spine. As your child grows these bones will fuse, but if they aren’t correctly lined up, they can become fused incorrectly permanently. Yikes!

This means that any problems in bone structure can then lead to bigger problems down the road. Their nerve roots can become compressed leading to problems in the central nervous system communicating with the rest of the body.

The nervous system is the most important part of the body. It connects the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body. This is how we know how to grow, how to heal, and how to function. With a weakened nervous system, the body itself becomes weakened which then can lead to lower functioning immune systems.

Receiving consistent chiropractic care removes these subluxations allowing better movement and communication throughout the body. Getting adjusted means that their nervous systems can work the best that they can.

7 Common Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Kids in Elmhurst

  1. Improved nerve function & development
  2. Better sleep
  3. Relief from discomfort (like colic & growing pains)
  4. Improved digestion & reduced constipation
  5. Improved focus & mental health
  6. Reduced illness & infections (such as ear infections)
  7. Improved athletic performance & recovery

Healthy kids are happy kids! Health is the natural goal of the body but many things can disrupt this delicate balance. The body wants to be healthy but when there’s dysfunction, it results in whole body issues.

When the spine is compressing a nerve root, it can lead to sleep disruption, digestion problems, and trouble focusing to name a few. Chiropractic helps with this by focusing on the problem not the symptoms; it helps restore natural function so that the entire body benefits. By optimizing the nervous system flow the body can get proper feedback, send nutrients and messages to the rest of the body.

With a healthy nervous system kids can live healthier lives and improve in all parts of their lives. Kids with poor nervous function can have problems that affect their social, family, and school lives. Some of these problems can include headaches which can become very painful and distracting.

Chiropractic can help with sporadic and chronic headaches by helping the nervous system to increase blood flow and healing to the head. A study done on children with chronic headaches found that it resulted in significantly fewer headaches. This is so important in helping kids live with less pain resulting in happier kids that can focus better in school, have better social lives, and have better mental health.

Chiropractic care for babies too? Yes!

This kind of care is extremely significant because chronic pain and discomfort can lead to depression and anxiety which then leads to more problems as children grow. Helping kids physically can also help them mentally and eventually in every aspect of their lives.

Consistent chiropractic care helps restore this state of well being in kids of all ages, even babies. Babies have evolving bodies that grow significantly every single day. Their bodies need a healthy nervous system to make sure they can grow properly.

Birth can be very traumatic on the baby’s body and spine and can result in dysfunction in their bowel habits, sleeping patterns, and even make them colicky.

A 2007 study found that babies who received chiropractic care had significantly decreased their crying. Happier babies eat better, learn easier, and overall thrive. Happier babies also help the parents to sleep better and improve their mood and ability to care for their child. When you look at the ripple effect of chiropractic on the nervous system, you can see just how big an impact it can make!

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What our patients say…
“I am super happy with the results I have experienced after seeing Dr. DeClark. My initial visits to him were to eleviate the pain caused by major neck, shoulder, and back problems. However, I have also seen a decrease in migraines and sinus issues.

He also treats both of my teenage daughters who struggle with lower back discomfort, growing pains, and sensory issues. He is professional, caring, and accommodating. I highly recommend his services.” Lisa L.

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